The following are testimonials from actual patients in their own words. They have not been paid or compensated in any way for this. They have given us written permission to publish their testimonials with their names. The originals (with signatures) are kept at the clinic, and can be viewed upon request.

"After having low back and knee pain for a month, I went to Optimal Health Chiropractic and saw Dr. Wadja. With just one visit I felt 99% better. I have been pain free (without drugs) for two months now."

Carol B. , Las Vegas

"I first went to see Dr. Wadja at Optimal Health on the 19th of January, 2005. I went there with a severe back ache, and knee and shoulder pain too. I had been to several other doctors, but none of them could help me.

What she did for me is just unbelievable. After seeing Dr. Wadja only twice, I felt so much better. I'm 83 years old, and I can tell you my energy level has gone up so much since I became a patient of Dr. Wadja's. Now I go to see her once every couple of months for �maintenance', to keep me at my best."

Elen W. , Las Vegas

"I first brought my mother to see Dr. Wadja in October of 04. She had been in pain for a couple of weeks, and in one visit with Dr. Wadja, she was pain free. My mom hates going to doctors, except Dr. Wadja, she makes

special trips from Nogales, AZ just to see her. I brought my son in next, he had a lot of problems, including an attention deficit issue, back pain, and he was not growing. Everyone has noticed how much better he is doing.

Next was my daughter, who complained daily about her neck, back pain and headaches, now she never complains (about that)."

Gina L. , Las Vegas

" I came to Optimal Heath Chiropractic because I had problems with my upper back and my rib cage (which gave me shoulder pain). Sometimes I would have to take a pain killer in order to sleep well. Since I have been

adjusted by Dr. Wadja, I feel a lot better. I no longer need drugs to sleep. Dr. Wadja is a very professional physician that I recommend to anybody who is not happy with their health."

Jean-Michel M. , Las Vegas

"I have been a waitress for 17 years, as a result of my work I had a constant pain in my lower back, and I had an area of my calf muscle that felt like some one had driven a spike into it. It was so bad that my whole calf and part of my foot would go numb. The other doctors I had been to could tell me what I did not have, but couldn't help me. I accepted that I had pain, and thought I was just supposed to live with it. Then I came to Optimal Health and saw Dr. Wadja. I noticed a difference after my first visit, and by my 5th visit I realized that I did not have to live with the pain; it was all gone. People think that just because you are getting older, you're supposed to hurt. That is just nonsense! I would like everyone to know how much better I feel overall, several people have told me they have noticed a big difference with me. I have complete confidence in Dr. Wadja; I have brought my friends and family to her, I'd recommend her to anyone. "

Nancy L. , Las Vegas

"I came to see Dr. Wadja because I'm a driver and my back was hurting from long hours behind the wheel. I also had a neck problem, gout, and hemorrhoids. Some of my friends who had hemorrhoids went for surgery. Dr. Wadja helped me without any drugs, surgery or �Preparation H'. In three visits to Optimal Health Chiropractic I felt like a new man."

Mike V. , Las Vegas

"I came to Optimal Health in September 04 with spinal stenosis and pain down both legs. I had been to a pain clinic and given 3 sessions of shots in my spine (none lasted more than 1 to 2 weeks). All MRIs and X-Rays showed (according to the surgeons) that I had to have extensive spinal surgery. They all said that chiropractic care could not help me; boy were they wrong. By April 05 I was like a new man. The aches and pains were 95% gone. I'm very active, I exercise 3 days a week and I can do it pain free. To me the treatment has been like a miracle. Dr. Wadja is performing miracles. I have stopped all the pain pills, I don't need any."

Erik S. , Las Vegas

"I came to Las Vegas in November, 2006 and saw a dentist and a chiropractor. It was life changing!!!! I just don't know how to say what Dr. Wadja did for me. She gave me back my life. My first big joy that I told her was that for the first time in 12 years I was able to turn my head all the way to the left and right. I was able to eat a big burger without chopping it into little bits. My posture, disposition and general outlook all changed dramatically. All my family and friends have noticed a definite change in me. I am able to be a mommy again without any  restrictions or Motrin. I live on a ranch and have been riding horses for most of my life. Now, I can ride pain free, and I am not in pain for 3 days after the ride. In fact now I can ride 3 days a week. "

Tammi B. , Alberta, Canada

"I first came to see Dr. Wadja at Optimal Health in July of 06 on the recommendation of my massage therapist, Rachel Marcus. At the time I had a history of lower back and neck pain, and I was feeling a lot of extra pain and stress as I was playing in the Word Series of Poker for the first time. Dr. Wadja's techniques significantly reduced my pain and stress, far more than I expected. I felt like I was on a much straighter and quicker path to healing than I ever was before. My success rate at poker tournaments has been much higher since that date, and I attribute some of my success to Dr. Wadja. In 2007 I became the first recognized world champion of seven card stud; I consider Dr. Wadja a world champion of healing."

Chris Reslock, New Jersey

“Following a triple bypass surgery, I was experiencing severe neck and shoulder pain that

surpassed any discomfort caused by the surgery. This pain did not respond to any medication, and I knew my problem was skeletal. This knowledge led me to visit Dr. Wadja at Optimal Health Chiropractic.

Her non-invasive techniques and specialized training gave me instant relief at the end of my first visit. After three visits, my discomfort was practically non-existent. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Wadja for providing me with the quality of life I now enjoy.”

Mike M. Las Vegas